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Community Team

The Blaze Community Foundation have a dedicated team of coaches that work within Coventry and Warwickshire schools to deliver various coaching sessions to the foundations partnership schools. Led by Blaze Community Development Manager Sam Hewitt the foundation are active throughout the school year in a variety of schools across the area.


Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt

Community Development Manager

Sam was appointed Community Development Manager back in March 2015, he had previously worked for an organisation who specialised in sports provision in primary schools, delivering high quality physical education lessons. Sam has the responsibility of planning, designing and developing all the new programmes and projects in which Blaze Community Foundation currently deliver as well as the development of staff. Sam communicates with the school contacts throughout the time of them receiving our services to ensure that all programmes run smoothly on a daily basis. He has a wide variety of coaching abilities and always ensures that sessions are delivered to a high standard. Sam also plays ice hockey at a high level so understands the game very well which is a key aspect to his job role alongside his sports development knowledge. Sam is very keen to inspire a younger generation of ice hockey players as well as providing high quality sporting opportunities for local children and schools. 

Owen Painting

Owen Painting

Community Senior Sports Coach

Owen joined Blaze Community Foundation back in September after he joined us from a local primary school, during his time at the local primary school he completed numerous qualifications including a NVQ level 3 In Sport. Owen has a vast amount of experience in teaching a variety of sports across both primary and secondary schools curriculums. Since working for Blaze Community Foundation Owen has shown great professionalism in his delivery of our programmes ensuring that all organisations receive the quality in which we promise, throughout his time with us he will be completing a teaching assistant qualification which will maximise his teaching potential. Part of Owens job role is to assist Sam with the development of other staff members ensuring the quality of provision is delivered across all sessions as Owen understands the quality in which schools expect to receive. Owen has been a key part of Blaze Community Foundations development by delivering our programmes at such a high standard.

Jordan Holland

Jordan Holland

Community Assistant Ice Hockey Coach

Jordan has worked for Blaze Community Foundation for over a year now and after completing his apprenticeship he become a qualified sports coach. Currently he is attending Coventry City College where he is hoping to increase his sporting qualifications which will provide him with the attributes to become a Senior Sports Coach in the near future. Jordan has stepped up into his current position as an Assistant Ice Hockey Coach with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm. We are pleased to see the progression that Jordan has made in his current role and we hope he continues to develop himself further as a coach.

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams

Community Apprentice

Daniel has been part of Blaze Community Foundation for nearly a year and is currently completing a sports apprenticeship through ourselves. Daniel has performed really well throughout his apprenticeship, completing all his work before deadlines. He has been assisting Owen throughout all the school sessions which will help him to develop further as a coach. He is always looking to develop his skills further and learn new coaching techniques from higher members of staff. Even though Daniel is an apprentice he is still a key part of the team and you cannot fault his work ethic throughout all sessions in which he helps to deliver.

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