Charity Request Procedure

We at the Coventry Blaze are extremely active within the local community and in addition to running our own charity, the Blaze Community Foundation, we take great pride in contributing to as many local charities as possible throughout the season through either player appearances or ticket donations.

Who Do We Support?

We support as many registered and not-for-profit groups throughout the West Midlands as we can.

Procedure for Donation Requests

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, if you are considering contacting the Blaze regarding your event, we ask that you follow the below procedure.

1.     Please complete the required application form by clicking here

2.     All requests must be accompanied by a charity registration letter and include the charity registration number or VAT registration number – these are mandatory.  

3.     All donation requests must be submitted at least 30 days before the event

4.     Please ensure that you have included:

a.     The address and full name of your organisation

b.    Details of the person we should contact - specifically an email address

c.     Full event details (date, location etc.)

d.    How our contribution will be used (we cannot process your application without these).

Please note, submitting a request does not guarantee that you will receive a donation as we do have a limit on the number that we can fulfil therefore in an attempt to support the maximum number of people, please bear in mind that we will only contribute to an event and/or organisation once per season.


We usually donate a family ticket (two adult and two under 16’s) however, there are only a certain number of tickets allocated for charitable requests so please note that this may vary.

If you are contacting us regarding player appearances, please note that due to the number of games we play during the season we may not always be able to attend. Our season runs from September until March so appearances would only be possible during these months.

Please email your donation request letter plus your completed application form to